then and now

I was watching the Sunday news shows this last weekend and there were various talking head topics; Fearless Leader Donald, shootings and guns, the debt thing that happens soon and all things Syria.  One of the subtopics was about really stupid and cruel leaders putting their interests above the very life's breath of their nation or the people they represent; come to think of it, most every one of them was pretty stupid and never mind.

We are now hearing (non-stop) from the gaggle of geese running for nomination about our government's inability to cope with the issues; That when this Muslim business takes hold there will be a "new government order" to do away with all the dire predictions, the doom and gloom, that is just the typical liberal nonsense and hand-wringing.  Oh, there is also talk of restoring the military and upping that anti as they can't be permitted to feel even a minuscule pinch. It is all smoke and mirrors; hype and hoopla, and most of it should scare you to death.

A little over 30 years ago I was in Moscow. The cold war was perking along. Never better in fact. KAL 007 was just shot down.  Reagan had taken office. I was looking to the sky for the incoming missiles and my Russian scientific friends were visibly afraid.

At the far end of Red Square there is an entrance gate to the Kremlin and I was near it when a long line of those "Mr. Big" limos rolled know those "Zils".  I took a picture of this. At gun point I surrendered my camera.  The guards were polite but I was in trouble and questioned for a while on how it was that what I had done was possibly OK.

In their little guardhouse, we went on at length about how in the US our leaders led the nation on the people's behalf and if not, we tossed them out. We held them accountable. We had the vote.  Therefore it was an honor for an elected official to have his picture taken by someone who elected him - his constituent - his reason for being in office. The laughter was so intense they let me leave.

Now I would worry about going to Washington and approaching Congress and getting mowed down by limos carrying who knows what lobbyists and congress persons about on business not our own but theirs. Of taking a picture and being questioned about it as to motive; of having to explain to someone that our congress works for us and having them erupt in laughter.

Most of all, I would be terribly afraid to go to New York City on the off chance I would see Donald Trump getting into his Zil - perhaps with that fella Cruz - plotting away.