"march of the little lead soldiers"

I think most kids would be happy making filling molds with wax (or tin or lead IF YOU ARE CAREFUL AND AN ADULT DOES IT).  I used to make these as office Christmas presents. The molds came from Sweden some 30 years ago. I still have them.

Long time back a youth orchestra I was associated with played this little piece.  It was my last year with them. Doug, the principal trumpet, did a wonderful job. Our flutist, from Richmond, Kentucky was all "spit and twigs" (that is a great saying for "feisty") and a delightful person.  I've lost track of her. Paul played clarinet.  He was a senior in high school and found a niche for himself in that chair.  So many nice thoughts. So many great kids, now adults, and in my memory book.

Just thinking about things past.