It just is.

My Alma Mater meets a very, very, good Alabama team tonight in the Cotton Bowl.  I was in the band when I went to State and games, win or lose, were thrilling events - memories for a life time. The stadium, being on the field, the sounds, the ratatat of drums, the feet in unison marching down past Sparty; well it was amazing and thinking back to it, it is a bucket full of memories that are clear as a bell.  I don't know the why of it, it just is.

I want so much to go back to East Lansing on some Saturdays and feel that experience, the gathering crowd of good spirited parents and alums, the students, the cool mornings before, tailgating, all of it -  one last time.  A TV game, national championship in the offing, played wonderfully by two fine teams,  MSU not given much of a chance but game and grit, spit and twigs, showing from the getgo; well it was and is a special thing.  Hard for others to understand and I get that and don't expect it. It just is.

The campus will smile for a week after a victory; not that everyone or anyone believed in the sanctity of college sports.  It was just an uplifting experience and in the twilight of my life I can't figure out.

It just is
At 8pm EDT, I'm going to be glued to the screen, popcorn at hand, champagne chilling for the midnight to follow, and a cork in the bottle that won't be moved until what, I hope, is a masterpiece is over. I don't know the why of it. It just is.

Go Green!