Another Week in Orange-land

closeup of Donald Trump's comb-over

It was only yesterday that Donald Trump was thinking of going all in for governor.  Now he is all in for President.  Thus inspired, I'm naming the week "O Week" as in "O" in for orange.  We stole the following from Wiki: 

The color "orange" is named after the fruit. Who named the fruit? Oranges contain carotene and that gives the color - but that of course begs the question of why didn't they name oranges "carrots" (because the name was taken, silly).  I lost interest when I found out they add carotene to chicken feed to make for a brighter orange yolk.

La Donald is howling at Hillary and Bill.  One can't help but notice that he dumped Ivana while he was bedding Marla.  Nor can we miss that he is 69 years old so hitting on Hillary's age is a non-starter.  Tweeting this, even having it go out on his account, is low life:

One also can't fail to notice this goof is a self centered bore.  Just saying.

Speaking of orange fruits......

Exit music....