Wetbacks and The GOP

Let's Talk Wetbacks
So I guess the GOP debate team has reached the border. The Saint Eisenhower (that's a former President for all of you under 50....he was the guy before Saint Kennedy in case you don't get it yet) instituted Operation Wetback in 1954.  General Joseph "Jumpin' Joe" Swing was put in charge and from 1954 and on into the early 60's, a few million Wetbacks (this was originally a Texas issue as the folks swam the Rio Grande to get here..."wet backs") were trucked, trained and boated back to the motherland.  Be clear, we didn't allow them to take their possessions, meager money, anything including any family including "anchor children" to be given their papers.

Mexican Braceros in 1954 entering the US for work
Let's really be clear on how they got here.  During WWII, we were terribly short of workers.  Our farm workers from the depression were sent to factories or into the service and that left a void so agreements were reached and immigrants came to fill up the fields. The army marches on its stomach.

Make no mistake, being a farm worker in the early 50s in the southwest wasn't a piece of cake. Second, it was largely confined to the southwest and the agricultural belt....NOT spread out across the nation. So when Jumpin' Joe got into the program, putting these folks back across the border was considerably less daunting.
Picnic Time at the Work Community

Now these idiots at the debate reason we just need a new Jumpin' Joe to round up the now scattered 11 million or more folks and truck them back...that includes the 100 or so that live in nearly every small town in the Northeast.  By the way, doing so without collapsing the local economy, making sure that the "anchor babies" aren't deported because they ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS by birth, and giving folks a day in immigration court to plead their case God forbid the government makes a mistake.

The Trumps of the world are wildly simplistic and bordering on downright stupid to think you can line up 200,000 buses and load 'em up.  And, my feeling is, if you are that stupid, you shouldn't be President of the United States.