The game slows down

The moon pops up

Full moon last night that peeked out through the trees.  Thanksgiving tomorrow...where did the year go?  Advent starts Sunday...whew...

The observation of times sneaking up on you came after watching a post-game interview with a college freshman basketball player (yes I follow stuff like that).  He commented that the "game was finally slowing down" meaning that things didn't just zip by but that he was growing familiar with the speed and it didn't seem like a blur.

When you were 20, the idea of being 60 was remote.  A year...40 more of them....time passing in breathless slow motion; you never thought you'd get there.  You think you would adapt to the slowness of time, that 60 seconds was always and will always be 60 seconds and the more experienced you got, the more you've seen, felt, and done, well you would get used to it and have the mental time to see it all.

Not so.

For you younger folks,  rest assured that you are seeing your life in real time and that the older you get, the more 60 seconds seems like a flash.  Part of it is owing to seeing the finish line and withdrawing from the race that you enjoy.  You want it to last forever but the more you want that, the less "forever" there seems to be.  Where did the time go?

I realize that this doesn't make a lot of sense.  It's a bit of a jumble to me too.  Suffice it to say that the game is speeding up.