Dogs anticipate Thanksgiving

One of my grand daughters and my dog.
What dreams are made of.
I had an interesting conversation on Thanksgiving Day a few years ago.  One of my grand daughters fell into a quiet talk about dreams.  I had to ask her what she dreamed about, partly out of curiosity and in part that after living a lifetime of experiences and travels, my mind has a lot to draw from, good and bad, and here was an innocent and very bright child just starting to fill her mind with memories.  She told me about it, well some of them anyway; an occasional monster, playing, balloons and the dogs in her life.

I had a dog until I was about 7-8. Much later I had a succession of mom-offspring cats and was pretty convinced that they had brains that functioned on some level.  We have, now, a Boston Terrier who obviously dreams, with legs twitching and making strange little dream "woooofs".

I also asked him (my dog is a he0 what he was dreaming about.  He showed me the picture above as he was at a loss for words and pretty good at images.  I'm pretty sure they saw the same thing, this grand daughter and my dog.

Almost certain.