Look! Up in the Sky!

It is absolutely crazy to believe in flying saucers but a majority of Americans do. Every time someone from the government says they don't exits the larger the number or percentage grows. I suppose if Mr. Boehner came out and said the world was round there would be any number of us who would argue the opposite.  I got this picture in an email of a photo/resolve taken off Google Earth.  It is either a water tower or someone from Men In Black II is about to take over a cornfield somewhere...all and all its probably a water tower but there is just enough in the picture to think that someone with photoshop has some skill.  Back in the middle late 1950s I lived just north of Cincinnati, OH.  We had a Cincy mailing address (before zip codes) but we were country bumpkins to be sure.  One early winter evening I was with my local buddies watching TV - a Saturday night with Paladin, Gunsmoke and of course, Science Fiction Theater with Truman Bradley.  All of us were crazy consumed by flying saucers and the idea that there were little green men.  It was a simplier time of course, where the scary movies at the theater didn't have Aliens coming out of stomachs and Freddie's slashing up the neighborhoods.  It was a time of War of the Worlds and Man from Planet X.  We also had radio. 

After Science Fiction Theater we were all so freaked out that we ran home - talking to each other over the distances - and then doing flashlight signals from bedroom windows to let our friends know that we were safe. One Saturday night we got home and tuned into WLW radio and heard the amazing announcements that there was "indeed" a flying saucer sighting over downtown and the darn thing was headed northwest and would soon pass over Mt. Healthy (near us).  We flew to the vacant lot which was our meeting place and excitedly awaited and were rewarded by a glowing object that passed just to our east and proceeded out of sight.

I remember it - fortunately or unfortunately - to this day some half a century later (plus a few years).  I actually choose to believe in that still if nothing else than sitting still in that field, in the cold December evening, scared to move or even breath and when Larry, the kid on the corner, shinned his flashlight at it, we tackled him so hoping that he didn't alert the aliens.