Not Disappointed and Not Surprised

To be disappointed, one must have expectations.

To set out to be the President of the United States requires expectations on both sides; you assume you will be a good President if elected and the public expects you to do the best you can for everyone.

It is important, then, to thoroughly understand a prospective commander in chief's nature, make-up, temperament, values and view of how democracy links our republic together. We also expect that these humans will be, in a word, human and have some blemishes. That is to be expected and those folks who portray themselves as a perfect embodiment of presidential timber usually wind up on the floor of history if for no other reason then they haven't a clue if they indeed think of themselves as flawless.

This Carson fellow is or isn't a good neurosurgeon. He probably is and as such, I expect grade A prime science from him.  He is by all accounts a devote Christian; and evangelical in some fashion (that translates into "let me tell you why you aren't right with God and I'm not letting up on you until you see the light").  It is fine that a Christian wants to be President. That he is a Christian Neurosurgeon however is my disappointment.

At what point does he say "I've done all my skills will permit and now the patient is in God's hands"? How does a physician tell his patient to just pray for a successful outcome?  I'm pretty sure he doesn't say that and wouldn't although a doctor who doesn't believe in evolution is little more than questionable.

He plainly doesn't want a Muslim to be President which implies that he puts some sort of religious litmus test on the Presidency. I mean what's next? "Only black Christian neurosurgeons can be president"?

I wasn't looking for any great shakes of a presidential contender to spring forth from the GOP. Quite the contrary.  If you get Trump leading the field, you haven't got much either in competition or expectations.  So the GOP and this fella Carson don't disappoint me as they meet my expectations.

I'm also not surprised that folks think Carson might be a good president even though as a scientist, he doesn't guy into evolution and as potential oath of office taker, he wants to put aside the stuff about religious freedoms in the constitution - albeit except his own.

Sad perhaps but not disappointed and certainly not surprise.