Joe and Mika

The Unwatchables
I'm not sure that saying there were two more miserable talking heads on TV then these folks...albeit I'm excluding Fox Noise as that clearly isn't TV.

Joe now thinks he is important. Mika is just plain dumb.

There was a back and forth this morning over a Clinton (Hillary) email about Haiti.  The email text made a reference to the Clinton Foundation in the context of steering some Haitian relief needs their way.  Joe was enraged.  "Steering Business" was his cry. 

Dear Joe:

A quarter of a million Haitians were dead on the ground.  Hillary suggest to a staffer that the Clinton foundation might help.  When a foundation GIVES money out it is doing its mission.

I know, Joe, that it is your life's work to tackle Hillary. But this was stupid and cheap.


Then Joe turned to Mika and asked her to defend Hillary as she is want to do on occasion.  Mike couldn't think of a thing.  She sat there like a little dumb blonde stone, eyes glazed, little bitty mind cranking and, bingo....she had nothing. 

Aha!! Cried Joe.....See!!!

What I saw and it will be my last memory of this tawdry exhibition of meat-headedness, was Joe missing the point in his zeal and Tonto not having a lit bulb on the tree.

What a waste of electrons.