Fall Showers and UFOs

We will have them starting today. Lots of them (showers and storms NOT UFOs - I think). From now until Sunday; 10-12". At least it isn't freezing.

A long while back, when you could actually buy cassette tapes and make the choice between them and an 8-track, I owned a series of "environmental" tapes.  Someone left a tape recorder running next to a waterfall or a windy place and made a tape and people like us bought them.  There was one that was a thunderstorm and another called "forest rain".  If I could play it for you, it sounded exactly like outside will be this evening.

 At one point years and years ago to make ends meet I took a night job at a commercial classical radio station in Oklahoma. "This is KCMA in Owasso. greater Tulsa's fine arts station at 106 fm".  No kidding.  In the first month there I saw a UFO, couldn't leave the studio because a rattlesnake had gained entry and decided to go hunting in the hallway outside the door, and found out that tornadoes aren't only in Kansas with dogs named Toto.

One night early on, I was eating dinner outside the studio with the owner and a few others - they lived immediately adjacent and it was late, perhaps 10 and dark as the inside of your hat.  I had to start the 11p-7a shift so it was slightly before that and over the rooftop glided what we though was a huge plane and it was silent.  Prairie wind and conditions are tricky so we thought little of it until it stopped over an adjacent field and started shinning lights down at the cattle.  Still no sound.  It then headed back toward us, still no sound, until it was almost overhead and more lights came to the ground. Now we were alarmed. It then simply shot away to the east.

Skeptical police were called. Statements were taken.  Military types show up from who knows where. I went into the studio and put on one of these tapes so I could get my "interviews" over with.

Not sure what triggered all that this morning.  Blame it on the rain.