Ed and Nina

Edvard and Nina, Christmas, 1902

About 146 years ago, Edvard Grieg, the composer, was getting ready to marry his first cousin, Nina.  They lived in a nice spot in Norway, outside Bergen, called Truldhaugen - valley of the trolls. It is a national monument as this Edvard fellow was the most respected of a whole group of very fine Norwegian composers and musicians. 

With all the Trumps-types trumping about and with their rather crass and sterile views on relationships, it is good to think of someone who may have done something very special for a loved one on a special day.  Many think that the older we get the fewer of those special, one of a kind, days there are, but that's not really so.  When you take a longer, more passionate view of life, there is something special in every day.  You just have to look.

He wrote this piece of music back in 1892 on the pending occasion of his 25th wedding anniversary.  It is a pleasant start to the day....and if you tell your wife about this story, she might expect the same effort/sentiment when your yearly time comes about. No pressure.

Both pieces below are the same work. On the top is the original piano version and below it is the version for orchestra (left and right on some browsers - you can figure it out).  Again, no pressure. If you can just compose for piano for your anniversary.  That will do but if you want to go the extra mile.....