Behind that cool exterior......

We see Venus daily or can anyway.  Nightly is more like as aside from the sun and the moon it is the brightest thing in the sky; it can even cast a shadow (It does. I've tried looking for it).

I won't get into the technical stuff other than it is about 475 degrees there today, the volcanoes are erupting (probably) and the atmosphere is so dense it would crush you if it didn't eat you alive with sulphuric acid.  It is quite literally a hellish place.

What got me to Venus this afternoon was of course the Gustav Holst music "the planets" and "Venus - the bringer of peace" (music below).  We associate Venus with that, a cool exterior (seen over time) and the goddess of love stuff (Venus, Aphrodite and Ishtar being one in the same). But I was thinking of things that look so good from afar and the closer you get, the more details you note, the less lovable the situation becomes.

That observation holds for physical beauty and the mentality or state of mind.  We all have people pass through our lives who are mentally attractive but when you glam on to them, you find that what is just underneath skin deep is pretty bleak and uninviting.

I guess what you do is embrace what you see and when the closer inspection runs amuck, you stop trying to get into it too deep and "hold that view" rather than push it further.  Trump, the politician,
reminds of this.  He loves everyone but I don't think he has any idea whatsoever of what is the "inside of another person".  He just takes a snap shot and stops it right there.

As to Venus, he stopped at the surface view from earth and it never crossed his mind what was under that cool blue layer.  He didn't care. Still doesn't as he is perfectly content with the view he has. 

It is safer not knowing, I guess, but it robs him of the pleasure of knowing something and deciding.  He is the kid who talks a big game but won't put his toe in the water.