Why this guy is so dangerous

Doesn't he remind you of Mussolini? What salute is this?
He has that certain swagger; that "Yes! I was born to be Caesar" look about him.   But what makes him crazy-dangerous is that he thinks that, as President, he can simply do what he thinks is best and not follow the constitution. He accuses Mr. Obama as being lawless and then, in the same breath:

"Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to deny citizenship to the babies of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally as part of an immigration plan that emphasizes border security and deportation for millions". 

Citizenship rules come out of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution; something as President he would have to swear to uphold.   But going in, he has told us that he doesn't like part of the Constitution and there is the problem.  Some notable failures have tried the same gambit.

The method was perfected in the 30's.  Stir folks up. Get blood boiling about an injustice that threatens their lives.  In the 30s it was the Jews. Now, in Trumpland, it is anyone south of the border who is in this country, born here or not.

The real question to ask The Donald is after he puts aside the 14th amendment, what others doesn't he like? The free speech one? How about women voting? 

Gosh Donald.  You seem like a would-be law breaker to me.