'tis that time of year...

We are hard upon the ice bucket challenge of last year (the anniversary) and the fall "walk" that was mobbed with support nationally (because of the challenge), so in this crazy-hot summer period, when you lack the will and energy to function, think about this disease and what small thing you can do to help.

I'm not an authority on ALS; you know, the stuff that did Lou Gerhig in about 70 years ago. When you first are diagnosed, you read all there is to read about it, then you join support groups, forums and what not.  Then you don't.  You lose interest. Your brain just fills up with the stuff and a couple years back, you rightfully came to the conclusion that outside of family, no one really cared much about the disease. That changed last year.  Big time.

At my particular clinic, the doctors can write research protocols that go three years instead of one and my main doctor, who is head of the place, can't believe it - first time ever there was sufficient money to do better work - and it is all because someone started dumping ice water on their heads. I'll just live vicariously off their interest levels, but I'll tell ya', it does a lot of good to see some optimism.

Support someone who is walking if you can or have a mind to.  It would, on a personal level, mean a lot.