When we were in high school, in that summer before college, we basked in our new found lives of working some horrible job to scrape up enough money for the fall and since we no longer had the senior hallway at school to hang out in, we found our friends at White's Drive In, Putt-Putt or out at the nightly dances at the State Park.

We didn't have a "strip" to drive up and down as our town wasn't constructed like a Modesto, California and White's and the  Micky D's next to it were just packed so driving through was a test of will and cunning.

It was a glorious time of stick shifts and shotgun, few if any bucket seats so your date could snuggle up and the cars sat 6 or more of us crammed in like sardines.  It was our version of American Graffiti; the movie that hit the screen 42 years ago.

It is so dated.  But then, so are we.