Pawn takes Pawn

Blogging is a strange endeavor.  It is addicting - very much a moth to the flame type of behavior.  And for those of us who partake, yes we are pawns on a greater chessboard.

I've never been able to sleep in so being up at 5am daily is not that hardship it might appear. I'm just ready to wake up and let the games begin.  There is something oddly comforting to pre-dawn anyway and being given the freedom of a keyboard and a blank page is highly motivational. Mostly, as I am in advertising and marketing,  this is my chance to write about what I want to - not client stuff, not the next great point of view (NEVER have a job where you are required to write POVs for someone else), and now with the summertime event writing chores in full bloom, I'll have to turn my ghost writing skills to afterburner mode for a year or so....oh well.

Why are we pawns?  Because we bloggers get a daily report card on who reads the stuff we write.  I have about 20 daily readers from Korea and I don't want to disappoint them  A similar number comes from Germany and Australia and a smattering from about 30 other countries in the course of the week. Canada and US are the majority and when the counter hits  100 unique readers, usually during my noontime break, I feel strangely fulfilled.  It has been a fairly long trek to get to that readership as I don't advertise my blog.  

The pawn thing is right on though.  I'm just waiting for that magic hand to swing down out of the sky in the form of readership to move me to a new spot on the board of life. .. and I actually feel that way and look forward to it.  Now to blogging for the day.