"Let me show you some pictures from our vacation"

There was a time when an invitation like that set one running for the hills.  Growing up, in the age of Brownies, Polaroids and Instamatics, there were no end to pictures of boats and lakes, big fish and golf outings.  Egad.  Now at least we can hit delete and poof, the electrons go back to where they came from and unless Google gets cute and saves something, well, there is no record of your bad photos.

One aspect of You Tube that I find fascinating is - well how people either pick music to go with a picture show they have or vice versa. Some of the choices seem a little crazy but I guess not to them. A lot of it gives me a chance to see another part of the world in a picture album that means something to someone and just listen to music I like, and not sit on a sofa with people you don't like, squinting at pictures you can't see.

Whatever. I'm just glad people do this however it turns out and that we have the technology so that anyone can -