Mr. Custer has a bad day

June 25th wasn't a good day for Mr. Custer and as last days go, it probably had a hair-raising ending (I just couldn't resist that joke).

I'm told that the gravestones in the cemetary (Custer has the flags) is pretty much where they found the bodies although that seems a little farfetched but it is a romantic story.

Aside from probably being absolutely fearless, the good General wasn't the brightest bulb on the tree so to speak. The Sioux and Cheyenne were handed something of a golden opportunity here and didn't pass it up.....I mean, if you were in their shoes....or moccasins or boots...whatever.

I hope we are over the glorification of the "Indian Wars" with Custer in white and the Indian who shot him with the last arrow in black and "in the back" to boot.  We grew up with cowboy and indian movies and probably have a very warped view of things as a result.

Anyway, tough day at work Mr. Custer but ya' shoulda' seen it comin'.  (by the way, Shirley Temple is in the background)