The Lives of the Cowboys revisted

Frederic Remington - Galloping Horseman
Woke up in the middle of the night and just started in on YouTube.  Because I'm a fan of old westerns, well, if you search around some you can watch everything from Hop-a-Long Cassidy to Tom Mix. No commercials.  No skin care, no hair transplants, no essentials to daily life....just galloping horses and six-shooters with 30 bullets in them.

Long time back...35 years or so, I lived in Tulsa not far from the Gilcrease Museum. You ought to
visit it if you get a chance.  Spending the weekend wandering through, an hour being dazzled by one of countless Remingtons, walking the outside with its wild western setting..not the Arizona desert but the Oklahoma is just an amazing experience.

Now that I've plugged Gilcrease and Remington, my point rests in cowboys.  Everyone wanted to be one I guess. I sure did.  My room, when I was about 6 years old, had cowboy themed curtains on the windows and in my pretend mind, I was in a bunkhouse down in the valley in the old west, hearing horses clomp-clompity-clomping down the trail, the smell of a wood fire and endless stories of adventure being told in the other room; stories I could barely hear, words missing, sentences unsaid.

To be six again instead of 3 score and six (even that is short a few).  Giddyup.