The Cantina

I was watching a Star Wars VI the other night and for us who are of some generational divide, this was the first one and the one least cluttered by little furry after sale toys.  My first viewing was in Iowa City, Iowa during its first summer release.  I went to the Saturday matinee and it was a borderline riot.

The theater was on something of the main square. It was impossibly hot outside and the air conditioned theater brought the pickup trucks much likes moth to a flame (or the opposite of flame whatever that is).  Iowa City wasn't by any means the end of the earth.  The University gives this town a great flair and a pretty open minded slant. I was less than half my age at the time and aside from the friends I went with from the University, we were decidedly the younger contingent.  At the particular scene when Darth Vader really emerges as a very bad remember?...with Lea and the syringe and "you will tell us"...a fellow stood up about three rows in front on me and hurled a tomato at the screen yelling "GD commie".  

To this day I wonder why anyone would bring a tomato to the Saturday matinee.