Saturday Mornings Remembered

Back when it was safe to go anywhere when you were 6, we had a Saturday morning ritual.   Margie, Lee, Gloria and her brother Eric and I would assemble at my house for french toast (one of my mother's non-lethal food groups) and promptly at 9:30 we would start out down the block to Main Street, turn left at the corner and go the next block to the Main Theater.  It was a quarter - a vast sum of money and from 10-noon we would see all the serial shows; Flash Gordon, The Jungle Boy, and a "B" Western.

I vividly remember 'The Charge at Feather River" starring Guy Madison so we are talking 1953 here.  We weren't allowed to see the scary movies that sprung up (The War of the Worlds was forbidden but we went anyway as was "Them" and "It Came from Outer Space").  Anyway, before the "feature" they had a drawing and some local merchant would donate something.  I won a bike horn once (but didn't yet have a bike).

It was great fun for all of us and I think I could find my way there and back to this day.  I've looked at GoogleEarth and can find my old house and the corner of Fountain and Main but alas, no theater. Doesn't matter. I remember it up here.