Yo'! Mitch! Hey you.....

Mitch McConnell in 1967

Mitch in the 30s

Mitch as he appears today
Hey there Senator Mitch McConnell - the Dr. No of Obamacare.  We could call you Dr. Death but that wouldn't be civil.  You are going to wind up killing people though so perhaps you'd better get used to it.

The fellow below him (no....not what I meant), is Congressman Ryan...we can just call him Dr. Oh-Oh.. 

I was wondering why Mitch was so vehement about repealing Obamacare. There is all kinds of press on it and why should  the good Senator from Kentucky care so much as to make this the central focus of his elected office?

Seems Senator McConnell got about $2,000,000 in contributions from the health care lobby last time around -  you know...the Humana, Blue Cross types...and when money talks, Senator McConnell walks the walk.  Mr. Ryan is a mere piker - having only taken just over a million bucks from the industry.

I met Mitch about 40 years ago when he came to an office at the University of Kentucky where I was teaching on a lobbying effort for the then governor Wendell Ford who had relatives/students who he wanted to have some thing or another done for them ... grease the wheels so to speak.   My impression was that he wasn't walking with both feet as the saying goes and he is still his own man.

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