DOD Goes Gobble Gobble

These turkeys fly and have a use
I was at the store yesterday and for some strange reason there was a batch of fresh turkeys on sale...well "for" sale to be more exact.  The price was $1.49 a pound so it was a deal but 20 pounds of baked turkey in the middle of April kinda made my eyes roll back.

The F-35 doesn't fly but it sure does cost a lot
This morning however, I regretted not springing for that bird.  There was a story about another turkey in the headlines - this one raised by the department of defense (DOD) on the Lockheed Farm with feed bought and paid for by the taxpayer.  It costs roughly 100 times as much per pound so buying one will set you back about $166 million as they are kinda large.  The real kicker is they come in batches of 2,400 and with the "minor" add on fees, spare parts (turkeys need spare parts??) and late delivery, well,  they actually cost about 4 x's that much or about $600/pound.  Oh, and by the way (buy the way), one of the turkeys doesn't fly and  is going to arrive about 15 years late if at all.  You can read the full story here, as it has taken away my appetite.