April 12, 1954

April 12, 1964
Almost missed this
The Anniversary of "Rock Around the Clock"
It just turned 61

Remember this?  Some of you? Anyone? Buellar Buellar, Anyone?  1973.

Screenplay by
George Lucas
Gloria Katz & Willard Huyck
On a dark screen an immense amber light appears and an
electric humming begins. The eerie light glows brighter and
illuminates a single huge number--11. We hear static and a
large vertical band of red floats mysteriously across the
Pulling back slowly, we watch the glowing band traverse back
and forth over the amber light and past more numbers appearing--
70... 90... 110... 130. And we begin to hear voices--strange
Wolfman and Dryfuss
songs, fading conversations and snatches of music drifting
with static.
Pulling back further, we realize it is a car radio filling
the screen and radio stations we're hearing, until the
indicator stops. There's a pause...and suddenly we are hit
by a blasting-out-of-the-past, Rocking and Rolling, turn-upthe-
volume, pounding Intro to a Vintage 1962 Golden Week-End
Radio Show--back when things were simpler and the music was
And now a wolf howl shatters through time as the legendary
Wolfman Jack hits the airwaves, his gravel voice shrieking
and growling while the music pumps and grinds...
Awwrigght, baay-haay-baay! I got a
oldie for ya--gonna knock ya right
on de flowa--baay-haay-hee-baay!
The Wolfman howls like a soulful banshee as "Rock Around the
Clock" blasts forth.