Am un leu şi vreau să-l beau

I was listening to a Romanian Rhapsody by the (obviously Romanian) composer Georges Enescu.  Seemed to me that I had never been there...all around it but not there.  According to my trusty Siri it 533.2 miles from Vi8enna and 671.8 miles from Prague.  Kiev is closest at 462.6.  hmmmm.

I was in Belgrade years ago when I had a chance and invitation to visit Bucharest but the communist red tape was just too much. One evening, I went out with some locals to a "Romanian" styled restaurant and it had what one could call a "gypsy" ensemble for entertainment.  They played song after folk song, one of which is the title of this post, roughly translated to be  "I want to spend my money on drink", "I have a coin, and I want a drink", "I want to spend my shilling on drink", or, more literally, "I have a leu and I want to drink")

That little folk song is one I knew as it starts the piece (Romanian Rhapsody #1 below). So you can figure out my stream of thought from all that.  I think I have too much time on my hands or a work avoidance syndrome as that song lead me to a treatise on Enescu and folk melodies yada yada (here is the link).  It is well written and, frankly, a good read.

Anyway, here is the music.  My last post of April as it is now to work and doing something productive --- perhaps.