Class Act

Ashley Judd
I think she is talented and a good person.She roots for Kentucky Basketball.  She is fervent.

I led the pep band at basketball games - the last one in Memorial Coliseum and the first in Rupp Area.  The games were beyond fun.  I knew Colonel Sanders of KFC fame.  A fella offered me $500 for my shirt so he could sneak into a game with the band.  Bedlam. Madhouse.  More fun than you can imagine.

40 some years later, I'm still an ardent fan.  I fell good when they win and bad when they lose. No  big deal. Michigan State gets the same (as does Valparaiso ... another school of study and they are in the NCAA tournament too - a triple header).

Ashley Judd was the victim of some very nasty tweets.  Threatening and over the top.  She is going after the bums for it.  She is pressing charges.

I mention this as it is far to often that we roll over dead when folks get out of hand in comments and postings. There was a time when one didn't do such things.  Now there is, through social media, vast opportunity to shoot off one's mouth and be beyond nasty and threatening.

I've shot off a few emails and facebook posts in my life that I regret.  We all have. I counted on the good nature of the recipients not to get nasty in return.  I've learned not to do that - a self inflicted moratorium.  Ms. Judd's foes have far less restraint and far more brazenness.

She is a lesson for us all.