Where have I been?

It was a blank week of writing
In the 7 years of writing blogs, I've put up mayby 5,000 different posts, most here, but also on 6-8 other blogs that needed a ghost writer now and then.  In those 7 years I've rarely gone 2-3 days without posting.  Maybe a handful of times.  This week I took, well, a week.

A while back we got some snow.  I think it made the news.  Well it should have. The grocery stores were packed.  Bottled water (just in case) was a dream.

when it was over, we had 34 inches
So the snow came and didn't leave.  An unwelcome guest who overstays if you get my drift.  The first few days were tolerable.  The world actually looked pretty. The reality is of course that some of the snow compacts into ice that rivals your freezer before defrosting.  That is when I began to get the Russian Melancholy of Pushkin fame. My keyboard slowly went dry.

We all got around as best we could considering illness and crap that goes with it. It got really depressing of course with the events from the middle east, that ISIL group of scum.  Then a plane went down and a dashboard camera caught it. The pilots, it seemed, turned off the good engine by mistake.  In the grip of winter, 24 hour news is endles.
Another blank screen

By middle week, I didn't even have the smallest urge to write.  No one missed me anyway but I resolved, this morning, to get back in the swing of things and not either feel sorry for myself nor to curl up in melancholy.  Perhaps this is the winter blah that visited my father in his life - he will be 105 on Tuesday - or would have been anyway.  That makes me sad as I don't think he would have been to happy about I turned out.  Part of that is the icy walkways and part of that is the realization that life gives a lot of chances to figuratively "shovel the snow and get on with it".

Let's see if I do better.  Time to get the sled out instead of the shovel.  So to speak.