Oh those tea party folks

 Facebook is an endless source of amusement.   I like the videos of cute cats and stuff like that.  Some of my "friends" are actually friends and their posts are nice to see and think about.  Pretty regularly the Tea Party, all wrapped tight in a retentive cloak of super-patriotism, shows up and today was no exception.

It seems that a firefighter living on Long Island (in Peter King's district we might add) was the subject of a visit over a domestic (father - son) dispute.  The rule is that if the police come to such an event, guns are confiscated as tempers get hot and shootings happen. End. Period. And yes they do escalate into gun-play.

The Tea Party zealots now are up in arms (so to speak) because some supposed gun rights are being trampled by commie-socialist-liberals. These three postings came in short order:

There should be a law about keeping total idiots from owning guns but until there is a reliable IQ test, we just have to suffer fools.

I rest my case.