It's a scandal - It's a outrage (the "a" isn't an "an" in the song)

A 6 month vacation without pay
By absolute mistake I recorded a few hours of Faux Noise when I meant to record a basketball game. You see I had a guest for dinner and got distracted trying to get it right and and and....

After the dishes were done, I plopped down to watch and to my fast-forward-clicker horror, I
Pots calling kettles black
caught the opening story of each of the dimwits who for some reason other than natural selection, have television shows..

Unless you have been on the moon, Brian Williams of NBC told a fib a decade ago.  He might have told more than one or maybe more than a dozen.  Shame on him.  I mean we all fib and stretch it every once in a while but William's stock and trade is being believed.  You have to think that every word that comes out of his mouth is the God' truth.  Being truthful is his job.

Well, our little buddies at Faux Noise are all completely outraged. Scandal. Outrage. Unbelievable.....All with exclamation points was each's opening story.  Not the latest ISIS victim, not the USSR rattling swords, not the 1000 and 1 things important.  Nope.  It was time to skewer the main stream media (which I gather they are not).

Before the word "hypocritical" comes to mind, may I ask you what was the last time one of these outright liars got an unpaid vacation rather than a raise from Newscorp?