I was looking at a beta version of a new social media site yesterday and uploaded some UFO stories to it.  You can see them here and the site, Timegarden.com, is pretty nifty.

The night before, I was listening to new the other nights on my phone with earbuds so as not to disturb my partner's sleep and of course fell asleep with it in my ear.  On most nights I hunt around for stations, taking satisfaction that I can listen anywhere in the world at a touch of a finger. 

Anyway, I just looked it up as I dreamed of some flying saucer thing and being someone past childhood, flying saucers generally on the menu so it was the topic of "All Night Coast to Coast" on Premiere Radio.  Art Bell, the paranormal guy, was on a rebroadcast of a show from the 1990s and the topic was Roswell and the UFO crash.   Now I know what prompted my dream.