Poe's Venus

It is far to early to play "did you know that..." but remember that old ditty "starlight starbright first star I see tonight..."? It is the evening star "Venus" which, by some celestial magic turns into the morning star in the east.  It is regular and something of a comfort. Think about it. The moon all but disappears regularly - fading in and out - but this gentle orb shows up on time and shows us west at night and east in the morning as if following and then dragging up the sun.

Poe wrote a poem (yes that Edgar) wrote a poem called "Evening Star" as part of the published set we know as Tamerlane and Other Poems (1827). Since it is Poe's birthday today....well I just thought I ought to bring this up.

 Folks have been writing about Venus or discussing it and have noticed it from antiquity (Hesperus in Greek mythology), biblically (How Brightly Shines the Morning Star), and spiritually (wow! lookatthat!) and an occasional musician captures it perfectly like this: