My beautiful on this winter's night

Mr. Bizet
It is a gorgeous in the fireplace, nice red sunset,roasted veggies in the oven...

It is nice to be around family, warm and cozy.  This is so far removed from the angst of the 6p news, the horrible political squabbles....and this duet (meaning sung by 2  -  duo   duet) from the Pearl Fishers...and opera by George Bizet.    My first recording of it is at least 60 years old.  I owned a copy of it when I was under 10 and not by choice - I just didn't know what I was buying.  I thought all opera was like this - with impossible names like Zurga and Nadir who like this girl and decide not to pursue otherwise to break up a friendship.  

How many friendships have been broken because of two guys and a girl or two girls and a guy.....I had no idea of such things...I was 12. Laura and Barb were the objects of my affection...but then there was Cindy....and later the love of my life.

You should wake up to her or him and have this as music.  You really should.