I'll take this in a can please

I'll take that in a can please

Today, some 80 years ago the devils descended in the form of the first canned beer.  Obviously before that there were kegs and bottles (Read here) but this can thing - well how handy was this.

That it led women astray and men into mischief is a small matter and greatly out shadowed by the convenience. (JK)

"In January 1935, Krueger's Ale and Beer appeared in cans in Richmond and the test was a flying success.  More and more distributors began asking for Krueger's in the new cans.  Krueger's began expanding its market share, and began
selling their beer cans all through their core markets in the mid-Atlantic and North-east.  They even began to bite into the market share of the big national brewers such as Budweiser and Pabst.  In May 1935 Pabst signed up with American can. They tested their "Export" beer in Rockford, Illinois before distributing them throughout the country. Northampton Brewing began selling Tru Blu Ale and Beer in National's cans in mid 1935.   By the end of 1935 thirty-six brewers were using beer in cans."  (from: http://www.rustycans.com/COM/month0406.html)

Last, we come to Jaromir Vejvoda, who no one remembers although he died just over 20 years ago. He was a Czech musician who penned a catchy tune in 1927 "Škoda lásky".   We will tip the beer can on its side for a while and venture on to other things.

Necessity is the mother of invention.  Some libation music please maestro....