Grilled cheese and ham on a winter night

I'll be a good neighbor with a good fence
It is snowing of course.  The wind is blowing to beat the band and I'm all ready for a log fire and something banal on TV.

I would, on nights like this, suggest a dinner of hot soup, grilled cheese and ham sandwiches and some of those "frozen food" turnovers for desert.  Hot hot and hot.

I'll admit to a certain food snobbery...why not?  best estimates of my "affliction", I've got about 7-800 dinners left so I want to enjoy everyone - (no feeding tube for me thank you).  I want the taste, the crunch, the "warm in your hand" of a simple meal that is delicious.

Years and years ago, I had a leadership meeting of the youth orchestra I was associated with as conductor.  8 or so souls showed up in a little apartment and I held forth with tomato soup and grilled cheese and what not.....just me and these kids...we listened to music, talked about the orchestra and its direction, and probably some stuff unrelated but of interest to them....I loved those kids...they were amazing people and now, 40 years later...still friends on Facebook and in my heart.

Soups on.