A thought or two about Comet Lovejoy

Comet Lovejoy

I wish sometime before I pass on that I could produce something that others would look at and gasp in admiration...not a media plan or an idea for a marketing commercial...but a work of art. Something that is what it is and not "for someone or something" but a stand alone of sorts.  The Creator - whatever that is to each of us - pops one out of nothing every now and then and has posted one on his/her wall for a while this month.

On another note, a  rather obscure composer, Canteloube, of the first part of the last century, set a few folk songs to music as he heard it in his mind. The folk songs are simply the words - the rest, as ET would say "is right here". 

Comets have a bad rap...1066 and Haley's for instance....remember the tapestry?  Mostly to me they ask me to come out...to come over...like a ship's light on the ocean...you look and yearn to see the vessel.

Over time, I've posted a few and hundreds of visitors have listened to them so they must have hit a nerve.  They seem like comet music to me.  Perhaps this one will as well. It is unique and sumptuous...a banquet for the ears.......oh how I wish....just for a day...look up in the evening..near Orion....can't miss it.