What is wrong with a withered hand?

I went to Valparaiso University for a couple years before becoming a Spartan for life ( well I actually was later made a member of the Order of Kentucky Colonels - perhaps something that needs and finds no plaque on the wall).  Anyway, I was in my "finding myself" stage. The Viet Nam war was underway. The "midnight special" was being beamed out of Chicago on Saturday nights with all kinds of pseudo and real anarchy...and this University was there not to preserve (well  it was) but to make you think.

Some time later, John Adams wrote an opera "Nixon in China" that premiered at the Met in NY and I got to see it early on. It wasn't a super great work but had some amazing parts.

 A while later he published "Christian Zeal and Activity"  Don't listen to this now. Listen when you have a free moment and for heaven's sake, don't get offended. I'm not a zealot ready to take your kids away and brainwash them.  Listen a few times. It is amazing.  Trust me.  Particularly so if you have a withered hand and dream about it being made whole.....and know it is a parable.