Waa Waa Waaaaa !

So I was down at the local IGA picking up some milk and stuff and stuck in line between a "generation I'm dumber than a stone" and a GenX of no obvious parenting skills.  She texted while the kids screamed.  Anarchy. Bury the silver.

I lost my mind in about 2 seconds.  One of the issues with having ALS is some mechanisms in the disease cause excessive laughter or excessive tears.  I'm moving into that realm a bit but mostly because I notice that I'm less guarded about what I say or what I laugh at.  So I found the situation funny and I laughed out loud.  An IGA line.  Laughter.  Go figure.

The "texter" was puzzled.  The mom was pissed. So "mom" turned to me and said "what's so funny"? Tee it up and hit it out of the park....

I was calm and nice.  I told her to put down her phone and pay attention to the kids.  Now she is mad. I still laughed....  I told her that in 15 years she could still  be holding her phone but I doubt she would be holding her kids.

I might be sick but I'm not stupid.