Gift of the Magi

I enjoy this part of Advent; stepping back a bit and recognizing that more than one great religion has an observance now and there is or should be room for everyone on our little ship of state. 

I get tired of the "war on Christmas" nonsense. It is silly and non-existent. 

Our local villages have had a lighting of  Trees and the Menorah in recent evenings and they took iplace in the villages that blinked with lights and good will - both for Hanukkah and Christmas - and from a mile up there isn't a whit of difference.  Actually from that distance, things kinda blur into one. That's good.

Anyway, enough of this. The morning star is just up and  I just was thinking of the "We Three Kings..." of wonder star of light...westward leading...must have been Venus and the Wise Men traveled at daybreak on their mission....and then I think of the O'Henry short stor;  Magi and gifts.

Here it is. Kids might get something from it as well.  We certainly should this time of year.

Good Morning.