Breakfast Out

It usually isn't this empty but it was at an odd time.  This eatery has been open for about as long as I have been alive and aside from 2 eggs over, toast, hash browns and sausage ($0.65) when it opened (now $8 and change), I think they are using the same plates, forks and grill.

My dad, ran a place like this in the 1930s in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I think that was why breakfast was his favorite meal although he preferred to eat out.  He used to take my kids out on Sunday morning when possible and he got away from my mom so he could eat his biscuits and gravy in

Why this? This stuff on a Monday morning in that no-man's land between Christmas and New Years?

I was reading an article yesterday about 20% or so of all people suffering from winter/seasonal depression - holiday depression and my dad was one.   Wish he was here still to have a breakfast with his grand kids who like breakfast as much as he did.  They would have filled up this empty space and my dad would have smiled.