More than you want to consider about Thanksgiving

If this is an old Thanksgiving then it carries to many
modern family gatherings today.
I'll point you to this article at Wiki and you can read it at will while waiting for the turkey to finish up to the requisite 160 degrees.

No point to all of this other than how much we rely on the Pilgrim experience as a guide to what's what about this holiday.  We are so taken in by the notion that Thanksgiving was a day when some fella in a black coat and funny hat invited the local tribe to feast with them and the Indians brought corn and pumpkin pie and everyone made nice. Kumbaya.  Peter Paul and Mary sang after dinner.

We go to such lengths to all that surround the feasts; endless store trips, oven schedules, seating charts, others waiting for "better offers" and not committing to coming (RSVP and the P is for please).  The meal becomes anticlimactic.  Such drama.

Now the stores want to join in on the day, offering an alternative to the peaceful family dinner and football games and unwelcome guests sleeping in the only good chair, feet up and snoring. Screams of horror arise when it is assumed such capitalism will destroy the Thanksgiving as we know it.

Well we don't know it, really, at least I didn't read enough or think about it enough. Thanksgiving is more and more a day of mystery regarding origins and practices.

The turkeys of the world hope we come to our senses.