Long Time No See

Twenty after 5 and it is pitch black.  Couple of lights in the distance; cat's eyes perhaps.

I've not been feeling up to writing all that much lately.  After 3000 or so posts, sometimes the muse goes straying.  Other times, like this one, the stray-muse couples with some bad health and some equally bad dumb people doing dumb things and...well ya'know. You get overwhelmed and shut down some.  The balance beam, the good/bad is plenty full on both sides and yet another leaf falls on the bad side and things go blooey.

I've had a productive day "think" wise. Got some stuff figured out, saw some stuff in my mind's eye that got crystal clear and my course is set for a bit anyway.  Also dug around and found a picture, quite by accident, of my cat Pita who died 15 years ago.  Hence the cat's eyes above.

I got her or she me in Santa Monica in the middle 90s.  That time found me living down on Wilshire near the beach in a rent controlled and very nice apartment while working for some of the more evil people on earth; about them I could go on and on.  My family remained on Long Island and I commuted every few weeks, work and weather permitting. To say the least, I was at 6s and 9s.

My neighbor, who worked for Comedy Central back when it was more than dumb stuff and a couple good shows, was a talent scout so she was gone for a while now and then.  She had a cat and I would feed it and change the litter type of stuff when she was out of town.  One time she left and she never
came back. Whooosh.  The landlord was in the process of moving out her things and I rescued the cat.

Pita (pain in the ass) was jet black and had a brain.  If the light was too bright she would move a pillow to block the sunlight.  She talked. Greeted me. Was at my side in some dark days when it was lonely and bleak.

We drove back cross country to Long Island when I finished there...not a good trip for a California apartment cat but she kept at it and survived.  After returning she slept on my computer monitor during the day, near my head at night and asked for nothing other than a few kind words, some strokes and some morning roughhouse before I left for work.  She died when I was away for a morning and I regret it to this very day; that I couldn't be of comfort or help or anything.

So I walked tonight, just a short before dinner walk and saw the lights in the dark...a black cat's eyes