Fall Back

Now that we have adjusted our clocks, it is time for a couple words on the subject.

We moved back to "Standard Time" from Daylight Saving Time.....and no, it is singular "Saving" and not "Savings".

Aha! you say. Everyone says Daylight Savings Time but no.  Nor are we saving any daylight.  We are just adjusting things so most of our activities take place in something other than darkness.  It is cold so we in the northern part of the northern hemisphere don't have many outdoor activities (softball games, cook-outs, etc. so it might as well be dark before 5pm.  Next April when we "spring forward" we will adjust where on the clock gives us the most useful daylight and so on....

But what about the folks south of the equator?  It is the middle of spring down there and instead of springing forward, they are falling back.  I guess they didn't get a vote.