Two Perfect Days

yesterday 8 am

today 8 am
Actually these are, for me, two perfect days.  Friday was sunny, cool, dead still and quiet. Today is as grey as it gets, gusty wind, again cool and off and on rain. Thunder showers later. Hot dog!.

Each of these sparked a remembrance of a particular prior day just like it.  The sunny/still day took me to Oklahoma.  I was working on a huge music project and sat the day at the dining room table copying a manuscript. It wasn't boring like you would think as the weather was like a womb; perfect comfort and safety - just right - skin blends into air.

The grey day was one growing up in Michigan.  Too nasty to go anywhere. Lighting just right - you needed a lamp at 8am but on "low", parents gone for the day, music to listen to and a book to read. No one to bother you or you to bother.

Michigan State plays Nebraska tonight (televised) so that is the focus so until then I'm going to meld my perfect days and write advertising copy all day at the kitchen table, enjoy the grey and dim and the perfect.  How can life be better?

Maestro. Music Please