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Tuscan White Bean Soup

Let's face it. Today is going to be rainy and dreary and later today it is going to be dreary and rainy. I have work to do; kitchen table work. Laptop work. Publisher work.  Time to make soup.

Tuscan White Bean Soup sounds perfect.  I can make it from canned beans and save a ton of time and effort. Then let it simmer for 3 hours until lunch.

I have the ingredients but generally I'm a big fan of "fatback renderings" for the base but I'm a million years old and my arteries are fine. Cube it up pretty small. Remove the renderings and keep for a topping at the end. Cook everything in the fat.  Heavy cream something of a given but you can use whole milk or even 2%.  I keep chicken schmaltz for the base of the chicken broth but do as you want.  Who am I to say.

I am not recommending this for the health conscious aspect of it.  I am for the pure pleasure of the eating; crisp green salad, a little cheese and grapes after.  Even at the kitchen table this is a feast fit for a king or queen on a rainy fall day. Work can wait a bit.