Pre-storm, Storm, Post-storm

This is no big deal coming. And I am ignoring the "watch that big storm" stuff on the New York TV channels.  That isn't what this is about.

Right now the line of rough weather is at the far end of Peconic Bay and the Long Island Sound..20 miles away as the crow flies.  We can hear the thunder as it echos up the sound over the clear space open water.  It is an amazing sensation.

At Gettysburg, some 150 years or so ago, it was said that in Philadelphia, some 90 miles away, one could hear the cannons...a distant thunder...perhaps more felt than heard.

Those of us who live out here enjoy this time.  It is dead still as I type this. The thunder claps now and then and our calmness will explode in a bit and pass, like a band in a parade and we will hear the thunder die out as it moves offshore.

Obviously I enjoy weather.  It stems from when I was 3 and sitting on the side steps of our house in Northville, Michigan.  My sister was with me.  She told me the gods were bowling.  I didn't know what bowling was until later but to this day I don't fail to make that connection.