Michigan Week

The University of Michigan visits Michigan State for a football game this weekend.  Nearly a half century ago I was in the band at State and we sat in Section 10, right next to the student section which is, as you can see only a corner end zone where at one point it was the entire end zone.

I wondered about that after viewing several games.  Two things changed.  1. Back then, if you had a student activity card you could line up for tickets on Thursday and they were free (they aren't free now).  2.  My parents had season tickets for 2, row 30, on the 40 yard line and they cost $160 for the season.

Where I sat in the band (for free of course) now goes for $177 per ticket for this one game.

I understand that football fuels a lot of things for the university, particularly in the non-revenue sports area, campus recreation and facilities, and even a synthetic marching band practice field. All well and good.

Just for nothing, I wonder if there will be a time in the future when students don't have seats they can go their entire college experience without seeing a football game in person.  I remember each UM/MSU game like a movie.  I can hear the noise, the applause, the cheers....all stuff I'll never forget.  Students who are shut out from the experience have something in common with me:

You can't forget something you see or never see.