Well howdy ya'll

Look at them all!
Yesterday was the Long Island version of the ALS Walk; affectionately known as the "ice bucket disease".  It was the first one I've been to as a "pals" (person with als) and my family organized a team and I went with them.....and about 5000 others.

You get two "takeaways" from such things as this.  First, that as questionable as I felt most "walks for...." were as in what does that accomplish?...well I was dead wrong and stupid.  They do a lot of good. Sure they raise a boatload of money for research and awareness but these walks make people smile and be nice to one another.

Second, this disease has a fairly straight-line course.  It plays out in about 5 years for 90% of all who get it.  I talked with a couple of folks who were PALS and to a person, we felt lucky compared to others farther along the timeline.  What in the world could we possibly have to complain about?  Seriously.

A gorgeous day.  Thousands of folks giving up a Saturday morning to do this. Family all around. A few thousand people in good humor. For pity's sake how can anyone complain. What possibly could give anyone the right?