Phobos Revisited

This is Phobos....the other Martian moon is Deimos...

There is a radio show called "Call Night Coast to Coast" with George Norrey who took over from Art Bell some years back. It has a fascinating and often bizarre collection of guests talking about everything from UFOs and remote viewing to...well last night Phobos - one of the two martian moon. So it seems that last night the guest, a fellow named Hoagland (sp.?) who is some sort of science advisor to the government, announced that this fall at some meeting, our government would, along with the French I think (remember I was half asleep), announce that one of the two moons of Mars (Phobos - the other is Diemos) is artificial - well not man made but "something" made.

I got up and knocked around the Internet for a while and there is quite a lot on this. Here is a typical link. Slightly scientific and mostly weird.  Anyway, look around the net if you are at all interested as there seems to be more than a few who think this is true.

I'll be surprised and I think pleasantly, if it is.