The Pleasure of Not Knowing

The temperature sign is stumped

Had to run an errand early on this morning and on my way to and fro I encountered the only display temperature sign for miles.  It was stumped.  I figured out that there must be no weather today. A blank. Zippo.

The car radio is on the fritz so no help there and my cellphone was in a dead spot so no help there either.  The newspaper doesn't come out until Thursday and today might be old news.

On my errand
As you can see it was plenty early so on my way on this errand I caught the dawn.  I had to get out to look at it and it struck me.  I really didn't need to know anything.  It would have been of no advantage to know it was 59 degrees with no wind to speak of. None.

Sometimes we should go back to square one.  We have way too much exact information that we don't need. My phone tells me the longitude and latitude to the second, how many steps I've taken, how many stair steps I've climbed and how much battery juice I have left.  Facebook tells me the exact time and location (and what's happening) of 20 people I care about and 500 I don't.

Anyway, back to the temperature.  It felt cool but pleasant. Cool is colder than "just right" and warmer than cold.....Cold - Cool - Just Right - Warm - Hot.

I'm good with that.